How we can reinvent the hotel

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Context and Objectives

A school project for the "Innovation by design" class where we had a a few days to completely reinvent the concept of hotel.
I made this school project with five very talented friends : Marie-My Senilhe , Maud Miguet, Jessica Legrais , Alexandre Crenn and Antoine Beauvillain.

What Hotel Means

We started to think what the word Hotel means and to what others word we could connect it.
Historically, the word "Hotel" in French was linked to huge and luxury houses (often owned by nobles or royal family).
Beside this definition, the idea behind the hotel was also to be welcomed by people at home. A kind of structure close to
the bed and breakfast hotel or "Gîtes" in France.

From this point, we listed all the terms that we could used to make a new definition to the word hotel.
This list included : hostel, friends, hospitality, time, home, environement, memories, place to live.
We made a new definition : An hotel is a temporary place to live, which is not our home and wich is dedicated to be left.

Create an emotional link between the client and the hotel

A very important step in design is to understand what the user wants and how is his actual behavior with the hotel we all know.
If we actually saw the success of bed and breakfast, youth hostel or new services like Airbnb, its because a lot of people wants
to feel at home when they stay somewhere.

When we looked at what make people feels at home we found that we all have some kind of engagement in a specific place.
More than engagement, we have our rituals and habits : our phone connect itself on our wifi network, we put our stuff everywhere, we have phot
we know where to go when we close our eyes, we decorate ourselves our home,

A Concept is born

From all the insights we recolted, we started to create a concept for a new kind of hotel.
An hotel where users will be more implicated in multiple aspects, where the atmosphere could be more personal in different ways.
Below you can see a new step during the booking of a room. This step let the user choose if he wants to be in a "calm" floor or in a more
active floor. Meme Shelet is designed to create different atmosphere for all types of users.
In every dormitory, every users can open his place or close it to build a cocoon style of bedroom.


We developed a concept of Memecracy that represent the spirit of our concept.
These are the main ideas of the Mémécracy :
- We choose the locations of the next hotel with the community
- The community decide what kind of atmosphere they want
- The community can organise events in the hotel and can elect a "Leader"
- Mémé Shelter provide tools to let the community to co-manage the hotel