36 hours to create a new game experience

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Context and Objectives

PMU is the historical player in France for the horserace betting and now it is also a leader in
the online betting economy. We have been challenged by them to create a new player
experience in less than 36 hours. For confidentiality reasons I can't explain the details of the solutions
my team proposed but I can says that our solution won the challenge !


Even if we didn't have much time we had to follow design principles. As the team
designer I had to put the user in the center of our proposition. For this we had to understand
him and so we took an hour to meet them and to analyse the userflow, online and offline.

We interviewed multiple players in a bar near the school. We found that some
improvement could be made to the game experience. Moreover there was a difference
between the target of the PMU ads and the actual game experience available.
We worked to create a new game experience that fits the PMU ambitions.